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The External Confidential Advisor

A safe working environment for every employee,
for every company

More than 13% of employees in the Netherlands suffer from undesirable behaviour from colleagues or a supervisor.

The Civil Code is clear: a safe working environment is not only an employee’s right, but also a legal duty of the employer (Article 7:611 of the Civil Code).

In the Netherlands, 13% of employees suffer from undesirable behaviour from colleagues or a manager. The consequences are major; for employees it leads to health damage and for companies it leads to reputation damage, absenteeism and unrest, among other things.

Victims of undesirable behaviour become less productive and report sick more often, on average 7 days a year more than average. In many cases, failure to properly manage a report of undesirable behaviour can lead to long-term disability, payment of compensation or dismissal.

Inappropriate behaviour occurs in the form of:

The External Confidential Advisor is the partner for employers who not only carries out their legal duty, but also has an eye and heart for their own working environment.’

Sophie Drenth – Director The External Confidential Advisor

A confidential partner

DEVP has a nationwide network and all the specialist knowledge, expertise and experience to support employers in providing a safe working environment in which employees are able to report inappropriate workplace conduct without restraint or having to fear internal consequences.

Prevention is better than cure
Creating a safe working environment starts with the employer. Those who prefer not to be the employer who only knocks on the door when things are wrong would do well to realise that prevention is better than cure. Those who want to avoid problems therefore ensure they have a clear policy focused on safety, trust and decisiveness.

The advantage of independence
Practice shows that an internal confidant unintentionally finds himself in a difficult position if the independence of the position is hampered by loyalty to or dependence on the employer. Often, HR also has the cap on the internal confidential counsellor. Potential reporters of undesirable behaviour could be hindered from lodging their complaint by this dual role.

Prevention and implementation
The External Confidential Advisor offers employers a wide range of services in terms of prevention and implementation. Obviously, there are the trained external confidential counsellors, but tailor-made rules of conduct and guidelines can also be drawn up with which an employer demonstrates good employment practices. If necessary, we can conduct an investigation into the prevailing manners within your company and, in the event of complaints, The External Confidential Advisor can provide experienced experts for a complaints or investigation committee’

‘Some time ago, I was made aware by my employer of ‘the external confidential advisor’. After a message on my part, a quick response and there was the possibility of scheduling an appointment at very short notice. schedule. I got to know Sophie as a committed person, without (pre-)judgements, who really listens to your story and comes up with good and useful advice on steps to take. Thank you for that!’


DEVP helps you with
  • Confidential Advisors
  • Investigation committee
  • Complaints Committee
  • Company doctors
  • Legal support
  • Arbitration
  • Mediation
  • Victim assistance
  • Recruitment and selection


For your specialists
  • Tailor-made training
  • Taking into account specific requirements and wishes
  • For your management,
  • HR specialist or confidential advisor
  • Ranging from HR to legal affairs


Tailor-made tariffs
  • Subscription with hourly rates
  • Tailor-made for your company or organisation
  • Ranging from €105 to €255 per hour

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