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Hiring a confidant

A safe working environment is the employer's duty

Research shows that more than 13% of employees in the Netherlands are confronted daily with undesirable behavior. More specifically: (sexual) harassment, bullying, discrimination and aggression.

The Occupational Health and Safety Act (in Dutch: Arbowet) states that an employer must make every effort to ensure a safe working environment. An important and relevant aspect of being a good employer is appointing a confidential advisor.

The fact that, in practice, an internal confidential advisor is often seen by employees as the long arm of HR creates a barrier for those employees to seek help from an internal confidential advisor. With all its consequences.

Experienced and independent professionals

DEVP’s trained and experienced professionals are available to employees to discuss undesirable behavior confidentially. The independence of DEVP professionals is essential here: employees who encounter undesirable behavior must be heard by an independent expert and helped to act appropriately. If this does not happen, undesirable behavior leads to attrition, labor disputes, damages and, in the worst case, negative publicity.

At DEVP, the welfare of the employee is our top priority. DEVP’s independence from the employer is guaranteed in all cases by the agreements we make with the employer. DEVP listens, is experienced and critical; all our professionals know the ropes. DEVP has national coverage. After getting acquainted with the client, the most suitable confidential advisor, who is active in the province in which the client operates, will be assigned in consultation with the client.

Monitor Inappropriate Behavior

Employers want to know where they stand. Therefore, at the start of your collaboration with DEVP, there is the option of the MOG: an anonymous survey of your employees with which to rate the safety of your work environment. You can repeat this annually and include the results in your annual report.

Code of Conduct and Complaint Regulations

It is important for the employer and employees to have a code of conduct and a complaint regulation in place that includes a complaint procedure for reporting undesirable behavior. At the intake, DEVP will assess the employer's code of conduct and complaint regulations and adjust them where necessary. If there is no code of conduct or complaint regulations, you can purchase these from DEVP. You are then assured that you always have an up-to-date code of conduct and complaint regulations.

Subscriptions including tools to prevent and deal with undesirable behavior

In case of undesirable behavior, the external confidential advisor is the first point of contact for your employees. This prevents absenteeism, increases job satisfaction and productivity and demonstrates good employment practices.

Should the report ultimately require an investigation and/or end in a dispute or complaint, we are ready with our expertise.

You pay a fixed low subscription rate per year for the availability of an external confidential advisor and our other specialists.


With the subscription you have access to all our services: besides those of an external confidential advisor, also those of professionals (company doctor, psychologist and labor lawyer). The rates of our professionals can be found here.


Want to know how DEVP can help you with a safe work environment? If you fill out the form, we will contact you.