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Arbitration instead of going to court?

If an employer and employee cannot reach a solution together, mediation does not offer a solution, or the recommendation of the Grievance Committee does not lead to a satisfactory solution, then going to court often seems to be the only option left.

However, there is also the possibility of arbitration by DEVP: a form of jurisprudence regulated by law and surrounded by every safeguard, in which one or more labor law experts – arbitrators – rule.

Arbitration can be a solution in sensitive disputes where both parties have an interest in confidentiality rather than the openness of litigation. But also in case you want to have your own say, but want to leave the legal review to an employment law expert. This independent arbitrator, a specialist in labor law, conducts his own investigation after which a ruling is quickly issued that is not published.

Employment law arbitration can be easily initiated

Employer and employee agree in a simple manner that the judgment of the arbitrator(s) is binding and no appeal is possible. The parties declare the rules of arbitration of DEVP applicable. Application forms are sent to the appropriate arbitrator(s) and then a hearing date is set in consultation with both parties. Both parties will submit their positions one week prior to the hearing date, which will be explained at the hearing. Within a week of the hearing date, the award follows. This judgment can be enforced.

Who are DEVP's arbiters?

DEVP has a network of experienced employment lawyers who can act as independent arbitrators. DEVP guarantees that these labor lawyers have completed a degree in Dutch law, have worked in the labor law practice for more than ten years, have completed specialized labor law training and are members of the Association of Labor Lawyers of the Netherlands (VAAN).

What does Arbitration Cost?

The cost of handling the dispute by an arbitrator is €2,000, excluding VAT plus any (attorney's) fees, and will be borne by the employer. Want to know more about what DEVP can do for you? Please use the form to contact us for more information or for a free quote.

Want to know more about what DEVP can do for you?
Use the form to contact us for more information or for a no-obligation quote.