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What can DEVP
do for you?

For the availability of an external confidant, we offer a basic package which is a good starting point for a safe workplace for employees.

In order to create the right framework for how you as an organization want to deal with each other and how you as an employer view undesirable behavior, DEVP offers, in addition to the basic package, a number of tools with which to get started. These tools include a code of conduct, complaint regulations and a presentation on manners at work. These tools are part of a one-time start-up fee.

By establishing a framework using our tools, you as an employer demonstrate good employment practices that comply with the Occupational Health and Safety Act.

With the basic package you have access to our services: in addition to those of an external confidential advisor, those of professionals (company doctor, psychologist and labor lawyer). In case of undesirable behavior, the external confidential advisor is the first point of contact for your employees. Should the report ultimately require an investigation and/or end in a dispute or complaint, we are ready with our expertise. By purchasing a basic package, we can offer you the hourly rates below.

Hourly Rates
  • Confidant from € 115,-
  • Psychologist € 175,-
  • Employment lawyer € 175,- to € 245,-
  • Company doctor € 175,- to € 255,-
  • All rates are exclusive of VAT
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