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Sophie Drenth

Director and confidant

Sophie Drenth is the director and one of the confidants at DEVP. Her strength lies mainly in analyzing all kinds of issues and in bringing creative solutions.

At Van Oss & partners, Sophie completed the training to become a confidential advisor. This makes DEVP a certified company with the national association of confidants. In the first place it is about listening carefully to what someone says, also between the lines. For both employer and employee Sophie, with her knowledge of manners, is the right interlocutor.`

Menno Steen


Menno Steen is one of the confidants at DEVP. In addition to his work as a confidant, Menno is a helicopter pilot and has gained experience in the Royal Army, Royal Air Force and ANWB Medical Air Assistance.

He completed the training to become a confidential advisor on sexual harassment and integrity at Van Oss & Partners. He is also a certified confidential advisor with the national association of confidential advisors.

Through his work in operational teams, Menno has learned the importance of cooperation, listening and neat manners that contribute to achieving goals. He has learned to analyze with a helicopter view and to think solution-oriented.

In the position of confidant, Menno finds it very important that people are able to perform their duties in a safe and respectful manner. If that is not possible, Menno is willing to listen, advise and guide as an unbiased person.

Sandra Latour-Köhler


Sandra Latour is a qualified and certified Confidential Advisor on Undesirable Behavior and Integrity. She completed her training at Van Oss and Partners.

Her years of experience as a speech therapist give her appropriate communication skills; her calm empathic listening and accessibility invite those involved to tell their stories in a confidential environment.

As external confidential advisor she works independently, objectively and with integrity. Sandra has a broad network and together with those involved she will look for the best possible approach to reports of undesirable behavior and/or integrity violations in which the reporters themselves will always remain in charge.

Yvonne van Westenbrugge


Yvonne van Westenbrugge is a certified, qualified and registered External Confidential Advisor on Undesirable Behavior and Integrity. She followed her training at the LIVP (Landelijk Instituut Vertrouwenspersonen).

Through her years of experience with the National Police as a detective and in the uniformed service, she has the right competencies that can be expected of a confidential advisor. Some competencies are: communication skills, empathy, listening, analytical and advisory skills.

As an external confidential advisor, she will make every effort to be as independent, objective and incorruptible as possible. She finds it important that a reporter or complainant can tell his/her story in peace and quiet and together seek the best solution. The reporter/complainant will always remain in charge of the next steps. Yvonne will continue to support the reporter/complainant as long as necessary.

Linda van der Heide


Linda van der Heide is one of the confidants serving the northern provinces for DEVP. Trained by Van Oss & Partners. In addition to her work as a confidant, Linda works as a senior communications consultant at a security region and GGD. Her expertise is internal, change and crisis communication. Making ‘the right conversation’ possible is one of her core qualities.

As confidential advisor on sexual harassment and integrity, she gives you all the space you need to tell your story and let your heart out. She listens and investigates with sincere attention and calm. This often automatically creates clarity about a possible follow-up. You are always in control. Linda puts you in your power and is always beside you, if you need her to be.

Chantal Gulickx


Chantal is a certified confidential counsellor, sexual harassment and integrity. She completed her training at the National Institute Confidential Advisor. Through her more than 27 years of experience as a manager and director within the childcare sector, Chantal has extensive experience in dealing with diversity of people. Staff, colleagues, parents and cooperation partners could always expect open communication because of her accessibility.

She puts her skills to use by listening empathically and without judgement. She finds it important that a reporter first feels safe and at ease to tell his/her story. Autonomy is one of her highest values and she will also encourage this in her contacts; as a result, control always remains with the reporter. With her communication skills, she knows how to ask the right questions and help the reporter find solutions.

Hans Rietjens

Company doctor

Hans Rietjens is an occupational physician affiliated with DEVP. With extensive experience as an occupational physician and chief trainer at a major international airline, Hans has experienced everything once.

Hans now has his own practice and is associated as an occupational physician with several organizations, working in business services, aviation, healthcare and hospitals, graphic industry, road transport, construction, offshore and multicultural companies, among others.

Hans is a driven, enthusiastic and proactive company doctor where communication is paramount. This combined with his strong organizational and strategic ability and his personality that motivates and enthuses makes Hans the company doctor that both the organization and employee feel comfortable with.

Just Blom


Just Blom is affiliated with DEVP as a psychotherapist. Just is an experienced force with his own practice in the mental health field, but also has extensive experience within various institutions.

In addition, Just teaches at various postgraduate courses and also supervises intervision: cooperation problems with colleagues or clients of all kinds regularly come up for discussion. Finally, he coaches employees in their functioning within various fields of work: there, too, collaborative aspects and the tensions that can arise in all kinds of areas are often the focus of discussions. With his experience, Just can help assess the nature of the consequences of persistent work problems and help determine the possible approach.

Julia van der Woude

Employment law attorney

Julia van der Woude is an independent employment lawyer at DEVP. Her expertise lies in a very broad field of employment law and in labor relations in particular. Based in Haarlem, she advises and litigates in labor disputes and, where necessary, supervises applications for dismissal permits.

Due to her extensive experience in the field of harmonization of working conditions, flexible employment relationships and of guidance of reorganizations, Julia is frequently requested by companies. Julia is able to solve complex issues in a pragmatic and creative way where good communication and accessibility contribute to an optimal result.

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