What can DEVP
do got you?


More knowledge, better results

At the start of the cooperation, DEVP provides an introduction of the external confidential advisor upon request in combination with a training and workshop for the board, management and HR department. This training is valuable; a socially safe work environment must be created by the management, being familiar with protocols and rules of conduct is essential for this. Upon request, DEVP provides customized rules of conduct.  The rules of conduct can be included in the training to ensure proper embedding in the organization.

Training can also be used more broadly in case an organization calls for a culture change. DEVP has the knowledge and the professionals to guide such a process. A culture change is an ongoing process and requires customization. Our spearhead is ‘Social Safety in the Workplace’ around which we have built a program. If your company is in need of a fresh look at the future, we would be happy to visit you and tell you what we can do for you.

Would you like to have your HR professional or internal confidential advisor trained to ensure that his/her contribution to a safe work environment is at a higher level?

DEVP’s professionals conduct regular training sessions. We provide these customized, depending on the needs of the client. That may be a legal training, that may be a confidential or HR training, a training of a Company doctor, psychologist or a combination.