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Complaints committee

If mediation is not sufficient for an employee and the perpetrator of the undesirable behavior to come out of it together, the employee may file a complaint with a grievance committee.

The Working Conditions Decree in the Netherlands, article 2.15 paragraph 1, makes it clear that complaints about undesirable behavior must be investigated by a “competent and independent complaints committee. It is obvious that this is an external committee.

Complaint Rules

DEVP will provide a complaint regulation at the employer’s request and offer an experienced complaint committee. Based on the complaint regulations, the complaint will be handled by the DEVP complaint committee.

This grievance committee will review the complaint of inappropriate behavior and prepare an investigative report that, if desired, will include a recommendation or advice to the employer on action to be taken.

Monitor Inappropriate Behavior

Employers want to know where they stand. Therefore, at the start of your collaboration with DEVP, there is the option of the MOG: an anonymous survey of your employees with which to rate the safety of your work environment. You can repeat this annually and include the results in your annual report.

Code of Conduct and Complaint Regulations

It is important for the employer and employees to have a code of conduct and complaint regulations. As an employer, this fulfills your duty of care under the Occupational Health and Safety Act. A code of conduct describes how the organization wants to deal with each other. Complaint regulations describe the procedure for reporting undesirable behavior. For both parts of the policy regarding manners, you can turn to DEVP. We are happy to assist in drafting and implementing a code of conduct and complaint regulations.

Subscriptions to prevent and deal with inappropriate behavior

To prevent undesirable behavior, it is necessary for an employer to lay down a policy on manners in his organization. The Occupational Health and Safety Act also requires this in the form of a PSA (psychosocial workload). Forms of conduct are part of this.

Here, too, DEVP is your partner in creating a framework. If you do not yet have a policy, we will gladly help you start up and implement a policy to prevent and deal with undesirable behavior in your organization. In this way you demonstrate good employment practice and everyone knows where they stand.


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