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Monitor Inappropriate Behavior

What can DEVP
do fot you?

Monitor Inappropriate Behavior

A valuable barometer

To assess the state of safety of the work environment in your company, DEVP has taken the initiative to establish the Monitor Inappropiate Behavior (MIB). Companies and employers cooperating with DEVP have the choice to participate in the MIB. The MIB can be used as a baseline measurement when starting the subscription and can be used to support an RI&E (risk evaluation and inventory) initiated by an HR. The MIB can also serve as a thermometer to gauge the state of corporate culture.

How does the MIB work?

DEVP’s professionals have created a set of questions to be distributed to your employees through an online survey. These questions are multiple choice with a few open-ended questions and are administered anonymously. Employees’ personal experience with workplace manners is the common thread in the list of questions. It is not only about undesirable behavior but especially the desired behavior in situations is discussed. The outcome provides insight into the corporate culture.

The results of our online survey may invite further investigation. On behalf of the employer, we can discuss the corporate culture in more detail using our program “Social Safety in the Workplace. We are experienced in supervising change processes in companies. A culture change is an ongoing process and requires customization. If your company is in need of a fresh look at the future, we would be happy to visit you and tell you what we can do for you.